Anahata Centre

Health and Wellness Centre

Your Route to Optimum Health

Whilst our website is under development, appointments can still be made by calling us on 01525 221 111 or by emailing us at

It is in a state of deep relaxation we are most receptive to healing on all levels

We are able to offer various kinds of advice and services in areas of health, detox and relaxation, covering;

Quantum Energetic Balancing, Bioenergetic Health Screening, Bioresonance, Food Allergy Environmental Sensitivity Tests, Vitamin Mineral Assessment, Biochemic Balance, Tesla Energy Lights, Polarised Light, Soqi Spa, Aqua Detox, Personalised Remedies, Aqua Ionic Detox, Colour Therapy, Amethyst Biomat, Profound Relaxation, Aura Chakra Biofield Viewing, Perkl Energy Spa, Rife Frequencies, Narayani Remedies and Quantum Energetic Balancing.

We are located at Bury Farm, Slapton, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 9BT